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What is exchange on E-agriculture?

E-agriculture is part of a dynamics of exchange and sharing of experience and to know how to make.

I exchange resources

You have a video sequence which presents an interest educational or as information, which you wish to share with others.
Or, you have a document or photos which present the same interest of information or educational. You send us your documents accompanied with your comments at this mail:

I receive credits

Once validated, you receive an email to inform you that your documents are provided on the site, with your comments. In exchange you gain credits which gives you reductions between 5% and 100% on the paying videos.

May I use my credits for others products like books or e-learning?

Actually, credits are used only with video, streaming,  downloadable or DVD and CD.

May I sell my videos or my documents by this site?


Needs it to have an account to have credits ?

Yes. An account is necessary to manage your sharings and credits.