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Who are we?

Our enterprise

Consulting firm specialized in Agroforestry

Agroof is a cooperative and participatory society
specialized in the study, the implementation and the development of agroforestry systems in France since 2000. It comprises eight employees including 4 partners working in the fields of training, project engineering, research and development with many private and public partners. Further information on :

Agroforestry can be simply defined as agricultural production systems mixing trees with crops or animals, in some form of spatial arrangement.

What is Agroboutique ?

The concept of ​​this platform is born in 2013, from the meeting between Farming communication (society specialized in conservation agricultural practices and founder of the TCS magazine) and Agroof and their discussion around a common idea : Transition toward agricultural production systems both productive and environmentally friendly, will not result from the promotion and adoption of specific models, or the application of a specific policy. This transition will be gradually achieved by a smart combination of agroecological practices and know-how, shared by farmers, technicians, researchers, citizens, working and experimenting for years on these practices.

How to support these initiatives?

Sharing agroecological knowledge

It became obvious that bringing together, within the same platform, information and exchange tools could be useful in the aim to inform, relay and stimulate the reflexions on agroecological practices.

This platform gathers technical and scientific knowledge as well as technical tools developed primarily by Agroof. At the end, we would also like to present resources from our technical or scientific partners in order to optimize the exchanges through the development of elearning and streaming live and / or delayed.

Exchange of resources

You have resources and you consider them to be relevant in terms of information or education? You want to share them on this website? Do not hesitate. Contact us and win credits in return!